1950 ~Emerson Tuttle “Raven on a Stump”

“12” x 8.75″ image. Drypoint print by C.S. White.
Edition size:unknown  Available: unavailable

Emerson Tuttle (1890 – 1946) was born in Lake Forest, Illinois. He received his formal art training at Yale University and the Slade School, London. During the 1930’s and 1940’s, Tuttle served as Curator of Prints at the Yale University Art Gallery. He is considered one of America’s greatest 20th century etchers of birds. Henry Tuttle was a full member of the American Federation of Arts, the Brooklyn Society of Etchers and the Chicago Society of Etchers. His engravings are included in the many permanent collections such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Yale University.”

1951 ~ Carl Schultheiss “The Shepard”

7.5″ x 4.5″C Line Engraving on 11.5″ x 8.5″ paper.
Edition size:unknown  Available: 3
Price: $200

Carl Schultheiss (1885 – 1961) was born in Nuremberg, Germany. He studied at the School for Arts and Crafts in Nuremberg and the Royal Academy in Munich. In the 1930’s, Carl came to the U.S. A renowned printmaker, he primarily worked in etching and engraving but was also known as a painter and book illustrator. Schultheiss received many awards and honors for his work and was a member of the National Academy of Design.

1952 ~ Herbert Waters “The White Mountains of New Hampshire”

“9” x 5.5″ image. Two Block Color Wood Engraving.
Edition size:unknown  Available: unavailable

Herbert Waters (1903 – 1996) was born in China. He was educated in the U.S. at Denison University, the Art Institute of Chicago, Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art and Harvard University. Waters taught at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, at Holderness School in Plymouth and at Alderson-Broaddus College in Phillipi, West Virginia. His work is in the collections of the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library, among others.”

1953 ~ John Menihan “The Net”

“17” x 10″ image. Color Serigraph on 22.25″ x 15.5″” paper.
Edition size:unknown  Available: 8
Price: $230

John Menihan (1908 -1992) was born in Rochester, New York. Educated in business, Menihan decided to pursue art and was largely self-taught. He was well known for his portraits and landscapes and taught painting and drawing at the University of Rochester. In 1948, he was elected as an Associate of the National Academy and won many prizes locally for his work. He is represented in many collections, including the Library of Congress, the Memorial Art Gallery and the New York Public Library.”

1954 ~ Doel Reed “Picuris Pueblo Winter”

“16” x 10″ image. Aquatint using a steel faced copper plate.
Edition size:unknown  Available: unavailable

Doel Reed (1894 – 1985) achieved an international reputation as a landscape artist and printmaker. He was considered a Master of Aquatint. Reed studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. He taught at Oklahoma State University for many years. Upon retirement, Reed moved to Taos, New Mexico. Reed exhibited where is artwork was greatly influenced by the landscape. He was in approximately 350-juried shows, winning more than one hundred national and international awards and prizes. Reed was a member of the National Academy of Design.”

1955 ~ Luigi Rist “Straw Flowers”

“13.5” x 8.5″ image. Color Woodblock printed in the Japanese style.
“”Straw Flowers”” required 12 blocks and 26 impressions.
Edition size:unknown  Available: unavailable

Luigi Rist (1888 – 1959) An American printmaker, Rist was born in New Jersey. He received his art education at the Grand Central Art School in New York City. Originally a painter, he became interested in Japanese wood block printmaking where he achieved his greatest success. Rist is known for his color woodblock prints of flower, fruit and vegetables. His prints have been added to the permanent collections of such major American institutions as the Butler Art Institute, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.”

1956 ~ Edwin Hamilton “The Three Kings”

“1956 – Edwin Hamilton “The Three Kings” 20.25″ x 11.5″ image. Five Block Color Woodcut on 23.25″ x 16″” paper.
Edition size: 115  Available: 11
Price: $150

Edwin studied in Paris and New York City and taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology.”

1957 ~ Eugene Mecikalski “The Kill”

“14.5” x 8″ image. Wood Engraving on 17.75″ x 10″” paper.
Edition size:unknown  Available: 21
Price: $150

Of his print the artist writes:
“The Kill” was conceived to show this bird of prey in frozen flight. The alternate lights and darks, which revolve from the center of the bird are supposed to convey this impression. I also tried to show the viciousness of the bird and the helplessness of the victim, with the print as a whole having a kind of decorative approach.””

Eugene Mecikalski (1927 – ) was educated at the University of Wisconsin, B.S. in Education, and M.A. in Art. He lived and taught high school in Milwaukee. This printmaker has won many awards for his work including a gold medal prize from the National Academy.”

1958 ~ William Charles Libby “Fantasy”

“12” x 16.5″ image. Lithograph on 15″ x 19″” paper.
Edition size: 100  Available: 21
Price: $150

William Charles Libby was born in Pittsburgh, PA and studied at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He was President of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Associate Professor at the Carnegie Institute and a member of the American Society of Graphics Artists. Libby’s work has been exhibited at the Library of Congress, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Carnegie Institute and numerous other galleries.”

1959 ~ Thomas Bewick “The Cur-Dog” “Otter and Eel”

“Otter and Eel – 1.12″ x 2.5” image. Wood engraving. “”Otter and Eel””, appeared as a chapter tailpiece in the later editions of “A History of British Birds”.

The Cur-Dog – 1.5″ x 2.75″ image. Wood engraving.
“The Cur-Dog” appeared on page 301 of Bewick’s first edition of A General History of Quadrupeds published in 1790.

Edition size:unknown  Available: 71
Price: $90

Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) was an English engraver and natural history author. He illustrated, wrote and published books. Bewick is best known for his book, “A History of British Birds”. Throughout his career, he made many wood blocks for advertisements, and children’s book illustrations.”